The Sadie Hawkins Day Blizzard… Oh, never mind.

It is February 29  – A.K.A Sadie Hawkins Day – and we get to celebrate with a little winter weather that can be described as merely a “nuisance” which is a downgrade from the blizzard we were anticipating.

Growing up in Minnesota you begin to believe that life needs balance and we must suffer to great lengths during the winter months in order to enjoy and appreciate the wonderfully warm, summer months.  Weather is also a great source of conversational topics as we vent and share the agony of winter with anyone that will listen.  This, in turn,  is a cost effective form of therapy and helps keep us emotionally balanced.

We have not suffered nearly enough this winter so we must approach this spring and summer with trepidation…  That is, unless March is the month of extreme blizzards which will mean balance has been restored.

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