What is your idea of a “Spring Break?”

Some of the college kids are off to warmer climates for a reprise from the grueling world of academia.  Some are going to southern parts of the U.S. or to a tropical island for relaxation and festive activites and a part of me wishes I were young again and had such an opportunity.  Oh, to be young again…

We are not college kids but we do look forward to a break from the humdrum daily toils and tribulations.  But what if no trip or vacation is on the agenda?  Does that mean we must only continue with our daily responsibilities and chores with no means to “recharge our batteries” or improve our outlook on life?  Absolutely not!!

Believe it or not, I can have spring break without leaving my yard – it’s just a matter of interpretation.  An invigorating walk later in the day with the longer hours of daylight,  a glass of wine while sitting on my enclosed deck and overlooking the pasture to the east,  (We hear coyotes from this location at night), watching a good movie that actually holds my attention and makes me cry at the end  (Tonight it was a basketball documentary called “More than a Game” about the group of kids that played basketball with LeBron James from 5th grade through graduation from high school) and I could go on.

Spring break is not on your agenda this year?  No problems – just change the definition and create your own little paradise wherever your little spot on this earth may be.  Mine is in Manfred township.


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