Wisdom from the Prairie

Top 10 reflections of life plus a little advice:

by guest blogger, Vera Meyer. (A.K.A my mother-in-law)

1.  Learn to make due with what you have.

2.  Stay involved with your church and community – it helps keep you young.

3.   Live isn’t perfect.  Just because things aren’t going smoothly is not a reason to walk away.

4.  Glad I had to go to work.  We needed the money, but I grew as a person and found it fulfilling.

5.  Being a child through droughts and “The Dirty ‘30’s” stays with you all your life.  I still hate to see waste.

6.  It’s O.K. to indulge yourself once in awhile.  For the first time, I now have satin like sheets!

7.  Use those special occasion dishes.

8.  Take trips when you are young enough to enjoy them.  Don’t put them off.

9.  Remember the good times and don’t dwell on the bad.

10.  I am thankful to have Jesus in my life to turn to when I need His help.  My hope is that this love of the Savior lives and grows in the hearts of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren…

Happy Birthday!

Photo info:  2.8 / 1/160th a second shutter speed / ISO 640 / Available light with reflector for fill.

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