Smile, Mon…you’re in Jamaica!

The Jamaican people made our travel adventure an amazing experience.  Almost everyone we met would look us in the eye and pleasantly greet us and the attitude toward life, of many of the people we met, was truly inspirational.

Today’s featured Jamaican experience is the El Greco  which was “base camp” for us as we explored our new surroundings.

El GrecoEl Greco was our home away from home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The staff was friendly and helpful while the rooms were clean and comfortable.  WIFI was included so we were able to stay in contact with our family.

View from breakfast balconyThe above image shows our view of Doctors Cave Beach from the breakfast balcony.

Front Porch El Greco  The “Front Porch Gang” always greeted us with big smiles and conversation.

Breakfast was a choice of Jamaican or American food with a different featured main course each morning.  We would choose the Jamaican menu, of course.  Always delicious with plenty of food to fuel us for our Jamaican adventures.

 Thank you, El Greco, for a wonderful stay.


3 thoughts on “Smile, Mon…you’re in Jamaica!

  1. Love your photos! El Greco seemed to be a great place to stay. Nice to meet you while we were there, Joyce!


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