Snorkeling is like riding a bike…

 …unless you have a mustache now! The mustache initially made it harder to seal out the salt water so Randy cleaned his sinuses out really well this day. He eventually mastered this feat and all was well in his world.

We are accustomed to the muddy river waters and the green, cloudy waters of our lakes in southwestern Minnesota, so snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean was a treat for Randy.  He loved snorkeling off the coast of Florida some 35 years ago so this was on his list of things to do while in Montego Bay.  Our hotel was a short walk from Doctor’s Cave Beach where there are a couple of caves on the ocean floor.  I had never thought of the ocean having caves before. Patrick and his sidekick took us out in a glass bottomed boat for a fun adventure.

Patrick posed for a photo under the boat.

Randy’s snorkeling buddy, Patrick, could hold his breath an amazing length of time.  He dove down into the cave and swam out the other end, showing off his snorkeling skills, as well as found this plant that looks like a hedgehog.

An opportunity to purchase Jamaican bracelets – not easy to walk away when you are in their boat!  We finally just wore them everywhere since we were frequently approached to buy the same bracelets.

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