Montego Bay is more than just beaches.

Downtown area of Montego Bay on a Sunday afternoon.  Church was just getting out so  many of the adults and children were  “dressed to the nines” with their Sunday finest.

 Not a tourist area but still filled with street vendors selling items out of boxes, crates and suitcases.  Whatever works.

Fountain in the main city center, Sam Sharp Square.  Sam Sharp is a national hero, hanged for his rebellious activities.  My mother’s maiden name is “Sharp” so maybe that is where we can lay blame for the rebellious traits that occasionally  show up in our family.


2 thoughts on “Montego Bay is more than just beaches.

  1. Great “local” pics — street life on a Sunday! I guess we’ll have to claim Sam Sharp so we can blame him for the rebels in the family!


  2. Exactly what I thought.
    Samuel ‘Sam’ Sharpe, or Sharp, National Hero of Jamaica (1801, Jamaica – 23 May 1832, Jamaica) was the slave leader behind the Jamaican Baptist War slave rebellion.

    Samuel Sharpe was born in the parish of St. James. Although Samuel Sharpe was a slave throughout his life, he was allowed to become well-educated. Because of his education he was respected by other slaves, and he was a well known preacher and leader. Sharpe was a Deacon at the Burchell Baptist Church in Montego Bay, whose pastor was Rev Thomas Burchell. Sam Sharpe spent most of his time travelling to different parishes in Jamaica educating the slaves about Christianity and freedom.


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