Photo by Joyce …

I am NOT the subject of this photo, but I wish I looked like that!

ImagePhoto by Joyce Meyer ~ RJMeyerArt

Commitments and the lack of ability to say “no” due to thinking I’m superwoman have finally caught up with me.  To quote Little River Band from back in the day it is Time for a Cool Change.  I’ve been absent from the blog and I miss this forum for personal expression.  Time to back off from taking on too many commissions, learn to say “no” and take charge of my own life which means time for family, rest, relaxation and vacation. To sum it up in a nutshell I’m trying to avoid total photography “burnout.” My motto for next year is reduce, destress and sieze the moment. (Take the word “reduce” as you wish.  It could mean lose weight, reduce the work load, reduce waste…it all applies to me.)  It does help that my teacher retirement pension will finally kick in.

So, look out, world ~ here I come!

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