Camino Day 6… To Palas del Rey in the rain today

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. ~ G.K. Chesterton


The rain reduces to a sprinkle long enough for me to photograph this old church and mausoleum rich with textures and unknown stories.Spain-1030741dmv
Spain-1030738dmvcrI am surprised by the number of grave sites adorned with fresh flowers and potted plants.

Spain-1030735dmvcrToday’s path wound through the old farming villages of Gonzar, Ventas de Naron and Ligonde.  Archaic stone structures would occasionally appear inhabited with newer windows. ligonde pathIt rained much of today and this path (Google images) near Ligonde was especially challenging, so we inched down carefully using poles to steady ourselves.

I stumbled upon this video that gives a good view of our path and scenery in this section.  Bonus is a section showing a pig being butchered. I have few photos  from this stage of the Camino due to the constant rain.

Walked in two groups today and both 2-way radios ended up with us, so we did not have contact with the group in front. We wind our way down the hill to Palas del Rey looking in albergues and hostels, but don’t see them.  Luckily, we run into a young couple we had visited with earlier in the day (San Diego and Poland) and they had seen them going into a hotel at the edge of town.  We truck our exhausted, wet, hungry, thirsty bodies back up the steep hill about 1  1/2 miles to find them.  From this day forward, we make sure each group has a radio.

Our room and hallway have nice heaters to dry our socks and boots, washer dryers are put to good use, hot showers are utilized, plus have a restaurant/bar available.  Yes!! 

Life is good again and after a good night’s sleep we can think about day seven.

Is it me, or is the air feeling colder?

One thought on “Camino Day 6… To Palas del Rey in the rain today

  1. Really enjoyed the video addition, and recognized many places. It must have been fall — no rain and warmer weather. Gives me the urge to do it again under those conditions!


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