Camino Day 7…keepin’ the faith

On the seventh day God rested, but we just keep on truckin’.

The elevation map reads from right to left.  We started in Palas del Rey (Rei) this morning.Spain-1030782dmvClever!

Spain-1030783dmvIt’s a good day to take advantage of a little sunshine to shake out the rug.

Spain-1030784dmvcrThis gal has such a cute way of giving permission and gestures that she hasn’t fixed her hair.   I’m sure she looks more glamorous than I do right now.

Spain-1030787dmvIglesia Santa María just before Melide with the Cabazo de Leboreiro in front. A cabazo is a large, circular basket made with intertwined sticks, covered with straw  and is used to store corn.

Spain-1030792dmvBeauty along the trail if you take the time to look.


Spain-1030803dmvI’m starting to look forward to the kilometer marker numbers getting smaller.  At least it is assuring to know that we are going in the right direction.

Spain-1030814dmvSometimes it’s nice to just sit and live in the moment.

Spain-1030817dmvWe cross the medieval bridge, Ponte Velha of Furelos, before entering Melide.

Spain-1030818dmvOur expert beaking skills (acute observation – some may call it being nosy)  will soon pay off when we see what’s going on below the bridge.

Don’t put the camera away!

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