Camino Day 9 ~ Beginning of the end

Nice, clean albergue last night in Arca do Pino, Spain, but the little space heaters were turned off around 6 p.m.  I’m glad they had extra blankets to take off of uninhabited bunk beds. Laundry facilities were on an upper, outside patio area, which would have been nice in July. Due to the cold, evening temps the dryer took forever (Since it was located outdoors)  and we resorted to hanging damp clothing around the room full of bunk beds.  Quick dry fabric can only do so much, I guess.Spain-1040077dmvOne more day!  This is it.  The worst is over.  The sun is shining in more ways than one.

Spain-1040078dmvBlue skies, sunshine… a great day to be alive
Spain-1040080dmvWe pack up and go across the street to fuel our bodies.  I have mixed feelings as I begin our last day of walking; ready to give the blisters a rest, but sad to have this unique experience come to an end.

Spain-1040084dmvI’m also disappointed that guilt free eating will soon end and I won’t be able to justify eating indulgences by walking them off.

Spain-1040086dmvHey, it’s our Spanish friends from Carmen’s albergue in Sarria!  That was Monday night and today is Friday, but that seems to be so far in the past, at this point.  Excited anticipation fills the air for all.

Spain-1040093dmvClick, click, click… we find our way out of town.

Spain-1040091dmvIt’s the sock lady! Earlier in the week, at the bottom of a hill, Randy had noticed and picked up a good, dry sock on the path.  I knew what he was thinking… I think I know who is missing this sock. (We had noticed a lady pass us with a sock stuffed into the side of her shoe.)  We hustle up the hill to catch up with her and she is happily reunited with her sock. She was wearing borrowed hiking shoes and needed to customize the fit.


This German gal (a.k.a. Sock Lady) is walking the Camino with her two children who are in their twenties.  Her daughter helps translate so we enjoy pleasant conversation this morning.

Spain-1040087dmvcrIt would be nice to spend some time exploring Arca do Pino, but we have the goal of reaching Santiago today.
Today is the day!Spain-1040088dmv

No hand painted, yellow arrow or centuries old, stone marker here, but I think I’ll follow this sign, anyway.  Looks much more official than many of our signs.

CLICK…CLICK…CLICK… the walking sticks click sound a little more confident and determined today.

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