Yesterday… a small town and its football team.

It just dawned on me that this is the first senior portrait season in many years that I haven’t photographed a Grant-Deuel High School football player. Even though the Grant-Deuel football program joined the neighboring Milbank, SD team last year, I still had a couple of Grant-Deuel jerseys because…those WERE the days!

Football brought so much excitement, anticipation, as well as the occasional let down, to the tiny town of Revillo, South Dakota.

  • Friday Night Lights brought the community together to support and cheer on a current crop of players who  spent many hours in the weight room to strengthen not only their bodies but their team, as well.
  • The benefits of a team working together on the field, in the locker room and in daily life was a built in support system for the challenging times.
  • Coffee shop conversations included the feats of the team, stats, playoffs and the possible trip to The Dome (Site of the SD state high school football championships ~ Vermillion, SD).
  • Spectators needed to pack the car with several sweatshirts, blankets, mittens, rain gear, etc., to prepare for all kinds of weather.
  • It was important to leave a vehicle at the spot you deemed as the supreme viewing location (so you could sit inside with the heater running) at the crack of dawn on game day.
  • Cheerleaders rallied the fans during all kinds of inclement weather.
  • …and the band played on.

So many changes….but life does go on, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Yesterday… a small town and its football team.

  1. HI Joyce-enjoyed your comments on GD football, even more sentimental right now after our gathering on Sunday to say a final goodbye to the equipment on the football field as it has been sold to the town of Marion. I am so glad we got to participate, Tammy, Ashley and I went along with Doug’s family. It was short notice or I am sure more would have been there. They had a droid taking pictures, so probably will be something, pictures, or a book, we can buy. It was very nice, very emotional, though. Made the W and GD, was surprised how well that turned out! Boys did am impromptu football game, that was fun! Tonight was coronation, very nice, Grant Wollschlager is king and Taylor Adolph queen. So nice of the kids to do that, am sure she is thrilled! Well, hope to see you soon, miss you. Will keep on enjoying your pictures, you are so talented. Joyce Meyer


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