On the edge of adulthood…

…excitement, anticipation, anxiety, questioning, wondering…

This Bible passage seems to speak to young people as they look forward to graduation.
Thoughts race through young minds on the cusp of a new world. Which direction should I go? Which school or vocation should I pursue? …and the age old question – What if I fail?
So many opportunities before them in high school and beyond. If one tries, there is an activity or pursuit that will fit their talents, personalities and interests.

I am usually in envy of young people with their whole adult lives ahead of them, but should I be? I am in a transition phase, as well, but I have many years of experiences and efforts behind me.  I already know what I can and cannot do so that narrows the field. (Lots of things I use to be able to do that are not options now)  I also know what I want to do which is also a plus.

The big question, though, is what SHOULD I do?

O.K., so maybe I’m not so different from these young guys and gals after all!  Maybe the Bible passage is a good one for all of us in any of our stages in life.  Hmmm…

4 thoughts on “On the edge of adulthood…

  1. Love this verse, your art, your thoughts. But even more so when we remember that Jeremiah wrote this as the people of Israel were just at the beginning of their 70 year captivity in Babylon. Though I’m not always sure that I am doing what I should be doing—always has seemed a bit foggy to me—I DO know that I am to give thanks continually! So I will be joyful—and you have captured that in this photo!


  2. Thanks. I originally was going with the graduate angle, but it just kind of spoke out to me, too. No matter what age we are, we know there is a plan, but won’t know until it’s revealed. I am sure relieved that heaven is part of that plan.


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