Rural-sourcing… a new trend?

Great schools in our small rural communities prepare our children for life after high school whether that be entering the work force, military or furthering their education.  A strong sense of family, community and work ethic are valued in our daily lives. Participation in several kinds of extracurricular activities, as well as opportunities to be involved in the arts round out the experience.  Many also hold part-time jobs at local businesses and farms.
And then they leave… only to return for the holidays.  But why?

Jobs that can support a family and are fulfilling as a career force them to seek employment in larger cities. The link below discusses a possible new trend to bring high tech jobs to small towns and rural areas like ours:  Rural-sourcing…
Southwest Minnesota and Eastern South Dakota are wonderful places to raise a family so this is an interesting concept to provide economic opportunities to rural areas.
Just a thought…

3 thoughts on “Rural-sourcing… a new trend?

  1. Thank you for sharing this on our Deuel Area Development Facebook page! I’d love to think that manufacturers and more are thinking of sourcing out to the rural areas because of the hard working ethics and our sense for morals, values, wellness, and much more that comes from this area of the country. I think rural America should be given more of a chance to perform!

    If you get a chance check out the article at Dakotafire Cafe “Fired up: Why rural is not just relevant but vital to our future.” at If we don’t sing our Rural praises, who will?


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