What is it about a Harley?

Why is a Harley Davidson motorcycle such a status symbol of total coolness?
We know absolutely nothing about being cool since we ride a 1996 Honda Goldwing. My friends on their Harleys are friendly and still wave, so I guess they actually are cool.

4 thoughts on “What is it about a Harley?

  1. They are super cool! I want one….one with a side car for Eric (that way I won’t be able to tip over so easily). He’s not sold on that idea yet. I think it would be super fun!! 🙂


  2. Maybe they are so awesome because it’s one of the oldest brands of motorcycle (or is it THE oldest brand?), so it’s the most well known, even if it’s not really the best motorcycle. It’s like, why do kids in high school pay twenty five dollars for a flimsy t-shirt that wouldn’t fit your left leg let alone a real sized person from Abercrombie and Fitch when they know they could get a way better quality one at another store for half the price? Or why did Kanye West’s white t-shirt from his fashion line sell out instantly at $120 per shirt? It’s the reputation attached to the brand that makes it cool.

    But I don’t really know much about motorcycles. I’m still banking on mopeds getting big in the U.S. sometime soon.


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