The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders.

Where does the spider rank on the likeability list?

Since most people jump and rush to kill the creepy beast, I would guess its rank is pretty low.  This charming specimen was keeping watch over a bin door this past August.

spider-0526dmvfpshr3_timelineThe Black and Yellow Garden spider is a common orb web spider. Orb web means it spins a web like a circle. The female builds the large web, and a male will build a smaller web on the outer part of her web. The male’s web is a thick zig-zag of white silk.

The spider hangs with her head down in the center of her web, waiting for prey to be caught. Sometimes she hides off to the side with a thin silk thread attached to her web. When an insect hits the web, the spider feels the vibrations and comes running.

Each night, they eat their web and build a new one.  Nothing like getting a fresh start each day.

The female lays as many as a thousand eggs on the side of the web and covers them with a papery sack.  The spiders hatch from their eggs in the fall, but stay in the sack until spring.  Imagine a thousand little spiders marching out and on their way to repeat the performance of their parents.  Yikes!

The down side of being a female spider is that the female dies after laying her eggs.  Males have it worse since they die after mating and sometimes the female eats him.  Severe form of sacrificial love, I guess.

Yes, spiders are creepy and not as loveable as a puppy or a kitty, but they do serve a purpose in this world and the artistry of their webs have decorated our world since the beginning of time.  To every thing there is a purpose...


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