Team Heart ~ Mike and Niki

A family bond…

We occasionally may get down because of things we can’t do rather than working with the things we can.  This brother-sister team participated in the Mankato Marathon 2013 and were such an inspiration to view first hand. The brother, Mike,  had encephalitis at 18 months and is unable to walk, let alone run a marathon.  His sister, Niki, started running and pushing him so that he can experience the event and be involved.

The story behind the team may be found by clicking the link below: 


We first see them at mile 16.  The headwinds have to be challenging, but the pair just trudges on at a determined pace.


The cheers and applause become louder  as the pair approaches.

The announcers and race officials chatter with anticipation as the rolling duo arrive at the finish line.

Cameras snap away while spectators cheer wildly.

And Mike is beaming…

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