Street Performance… it’s a living.

Street performers add an element to the tourist environment that sometimes defies historical significance of location, but they do add sparkle. I especially enjoy musicians that add their artistry to soften the harsh sounds of daily reality on the streets, subway stations, etc.

Santiago, Spain

Santiago, Spain

Santiago, Spain

Segovia, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Chicago, Illinois subway platform

Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Downtown Chicago, Illinois


Santiago, Spain with a boot to collect donations.

2 thoughts on “Street Performance… it’s a living.

  1. I was treated to a horn rendition of “Danny Boy” on the Mall the other day when it was nice enough for me to get out of the Hamster Tubes and hit the street… Such a wonderful flavor the street performers add to a city – I remember a group that I saw near Central Park in NYC and then saw them on late night TV a few months later….”We discoved them playing on the street…” said the host (could have been Letterman…my memory isn’t what it should be..)


    • I was also thinking about the trumpet player I had heard on the street in downtown Mpls. when we were attending a Timberwolves game. (No camera) I would think the skyway (AKA Hamster Tubes) would be a more comfortable temperature during the winter, but I don’t believe I have ever seen one there.


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