Memorial Day… every day

VA-1030020memdayr2I see the wrinkled eyes of the gentleman greeting us as we enter the shiny glass doors of the VA Clinic/Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD.  Passing the display of photographs from wars in our country’s history I pause to think of these young eyed soldiers and what they had seen and experienced.  I step aside to make room for a wheelchair as we enter the elevator.

As the spouse of a veteran, I have the opportunity to experience a look into a convergence of soldiers’ of yesterday on an annual basis.  A variety of medical issues are addressed and everyone has experiences that are similar, yet different.  Many have a connection to the rural Midwest which makes the waiting room conversation predictable.  We all tend to make the best of the situation and if waiting is involved… well, that’s O.K.  We’ll just chat.

With our experience, the staff is always friendly and helpful and do the best to their abilities.  After all, they aren’t God.

Memorial Day is about honoring soldiers that have passed away.  The VA employees administer care on a daily basis to veterans so that their day of reckoning can be put off until a later date.  Yes, there is bureaucracy, as the news has reported, but the day to day people working with the patients, in our experience, have been wonderful.

Thank you to the staff at the Sioux Falls VA.  You helped put off our day of reckoning…

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