…at the end of Day #1.

Tired and hungry, we look forward to the Pilgrim meal at the end of day one in the Albergue Orrison.  The albergue host asks each group to introduce themselves, say which country they are from and where the Camino will take them.    We are fortunate to sit next to a delightful family (mother, father with four children) from Normandy, France.

At the bottom you will find a Youtube link that will feature my attempt at a video of the Pilgrim introductions. I apologize for always struggling to find the right spot on the camera to stop recording which results in some wild movements. (…and I can never keep my mouth shut!)

2014Cam-1060902I am amazed at how many people from other countries can speak English, while I pretty much mutilate the Spanish language in order to get my point across.

2014Cam-1060903Delicious vegetable soup and the next course was roast beef.  Excellent!



7 thoughts on “…at the end of Day #1.

  1. Hey, here’s a few lines from Sweden (roommate in Orrisson). Got a big smile on my face when I looked at the film. Wonderful, and your photographs are of the highest class! My goal became Muxia. Caminon took five weeks to complete, and now I am planning a hiking trip in France a few years. Hope all is well with you, take good care of you. Best regards Catharina from Gothenburg, Sweden.


    • Oh, wow!! I am so excited to see your comment and glad you made it all the way to Muxia. Very impressive. I’m sure your family was happy to see you after your adventure. Did you have any trouble finding a bed?


  2. Hey, I never had any trouble finding a bed . Everything worked out smoothly.

    My kids did not know I was coming home earlier. So it was a great surprise for them . My daughter (10 years) jumped of joy , and my son ( 21 years) said – are you already at home ? Then I received many hugs. It feels wonderful to be home. There’s no place like home . Best regards Catharina


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