Shopping for bargains in Paris

Shopping in Paris… high fashion glamour at its finest, right?  I guess that’s not how we roll.

Sympa is a bargain clothing store located in the Montmartre area of Paris where you can find lingerie, dresses, blouses, skirts, and coats–all designer seconds from previous collections at a 75% discount. There are at least five Sympa shops dotted around Montmartre area of Paris, France.

I believe this Sympa store is located along the rue de Steinkerque, a street once notorious for its prostitutes and dance halls. Imagine this “dumpster style” of shopping inside a former brothel that Pablo Picasso frequented during his Blue Period.

If only walls could talk…
2014Paris-1080009plcrSupplies are renewed on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we are lucky enough to walk by on a Saturday.

2014Paris-1080010clA couple of tips:  Know your European size number as there are no dressing rooms. Keep your money and other valuables close to your body for this is pick-pocket heaven.

I’m not a shopper so I think I’ll pass on this opportunity to locate the ultimate bargain.  Even Randy passed this one up.

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