A Final Farewell to the West Highland Way

September 6, 2015:

Living large at No 6 Caberfeidh B & B in Fort William with a huge Scottish breakfast featuring ham, sausage, eggs, black pudding, tatties, all kinds of cereal, granola, coffee and juice. Most of our nights are in hostel type accomodations so this is a real treat.  Too bad we aren’t hiking 15 miles or more today to wear off our breakfast.


whw_day9-1100528eIn front of the B & B, we find the couple from Austria that have been guiding a large group of about 18 people walking the West Highland Way. They are checking into possible lodging options for their 2016 West Highland Way tour.

whw_day9-1100541eShrieks of delight fill the air as we spot the Scottish mother and son on their way to the bus station.

whw_day9-1100542eOh, wow!!  It’s the Canadian minister from the bar last night on her way to church. What an interesting person with a charming, sincere personality. Her name is Donalee Williams and she has a blog which I linked to her name.

whw_day9-1100544eManchester, England claims these two hikers who camped all along the West Highland Way and this gentleman has been observing my hiking speed along the trail. At the bar in Tyndrum, I slowly crept past their table while carrying two pints of beer, trying NOT to spill, to which he commented, “Fastest I’ve seen you walk all day!”

whw_day9-1100550eFinally… It took us longer than expected to get to the new end of the trail sculpture due to all of the bonus socializing this morning. As we continue on to the bus station, we are grateful to have another farewell session with Mike and Stacy who are going the Isle of Skye before returning to Belfast, Ireland.

whw_day9-1100533eFor us, it’s time to catch a bus to pursue new adventures and explore Inverness, Scotland.  Stay tuned…

Here is the short video of our last day in Fort William:

5 thoughts on “A Final Farewell to the West Highland Way

  1. Hello Randy, Joyce and Joan,

    It’s very nice to read your blog and view the pictures and video’s! It gives us extra memories of the West Highland Way! I’m one of the Dutch guys walking the WHW the same time you did, a friend of the huge Leon 🙂
    It was very nice to meet you along the road, and I wish you all the best in the future!
    I will visit this blog from time to time, it’s very nice to read the blogs about the travels you make!

    Kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Amazing to hear from you and so glad you took the time to visit with us on the West Highland Way. It’s people like you and your gang that helped make the experience so memorable. It’s funny how the accumulation of these fleeting moments can have such an impact on our lives.

      Take care and best wishes to the Dutch gang!

      Joyce Meyer


  2. Good afternoon!

    I really enjoyed the blogs with photo’s and video’s you took during the West Highland Way. It brought back good memories and felt like I was wandering in the Scottish nature again with my friends!
    We also (finally) compiled a video about our Dutch adventure in Scotland. You can watch the video with a little part of your happy American appearance as well;) https://youtu.be/BZlyXI_eqaE

    All the best,

    Jurrian van Dam


    • Thank you for posting your video! I am enjoying the interesting camera angles and it feels as though I’m walking right along with your group. (Minus the midges and time-consuming rock scrambling along Loch Lomond!) You wonderfully captured the experience along with the scenery. I’m glad you filmed the sheep creep as we figured Leon probably had to army crawl to get under it! Great job and thanks for letting us know about the Youtube link.
      Take care and best wishes from the Minnesota gang.
      Randy/Joyce Meyer & Joan Rigdon.


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