RJMeyerArt is a combination of Randy & Joyce Meyer.  Randy is a farmer/painter (The art kind, not the side of the barn kind – but he can do that, too).  I am the author of this blog and my name is Joyce and I’m a former teacher (Yes, I miss the classroom!) farm gopher/photographer.   We both love to travel and experiencing adventures but I think Randy will agree that the best view of all is from our deck overlooking our little corner of the world.


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  1. I appreciate your photos and I love the fact that you are an Art teacher. I can understand how special it is to see your corner of the world. I used to have that! I am also happy to hear you are a teacher. I love to get in touch with other Art teachers. Thanks for visiting my blog, best wishes. Jesh


  2. I just googled “Praise in the Park” and found your blog. Thanks for coming and for your kind words and pictures! The dinner wasn’t a fund raiser. We just like to meet and eat : ). The more the merrier! Blessings on your next adventures!


  3. Hi Joyce! This is Jennifer, one of the three California girls you guys met at Inverness Tourist Hostel in September. I finally tracked you down! I just wanted to say that it was really nice meeting you guys. I’ll be following your adventures through the computer, thanks for sharing them.


    • Wonderful to hear from you, Jennifer! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Scotland adventures and it was great visiting with you at the hostel. I hope to cover the rest of our trip on the blog and that includes Inverness. Thanks for commenting and say “hi” to the rest of the gang.
      Joyce & Randy Meyer and Joan Rigdon.


  4. Hi
    I am so glad you had a great time here in Cullen – I live here (just up from the Seatown) and have read your log with interest. It’s a great place to stay and I feel lucky to live here. We like to see more visitors and are always happy to help or advise.

    Don’t wait too long to come back – and tell your friends all about Cullen – we are keen to boost visitors!

    Kindest regards



    • Thanks so much for your comment. I can honestly say that Cullen was a highlight of our trip. Beautiful scenery, great hiking trails, delicious Scottish food and amazing people. Harbour Hostel was a perfect spot for us and a visit with Margaret at the library is a must for anyone looking for local information. I would LOVE to go back and highly recommend Cullen for anyone that wants to discover REAL Scotland and its wonderful people.


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