Farewell to the class of 2014

I find inspiration in working with young people; exciting lives ahead of them using the gifts they have been blessed with. Best wishes to the class of 2014 and thanks for the memories…


Photo Friday ~ Express yourself with a collage.

High school is all about involving yourself in activities that play on your strengths and interests.  One way to remember the Glory Days is with a collage to commemorate an important time in your life.

16x20sportscollage_1B ~ RJMeyerArt


~ RJMeyerArt

It’s Photo Friday ~ A girl remembers Grandma’s place.

Photography is more than just documenting a time in one’s life.  It also captures the emotion of the subject and its background.

This young lady is a senior in high school and chose her grandmother’s childhood home as a location for some of her senior portraits.  The old farmyard is now beyond repair but still holds memories.  I’m sure we can all think of a time and place in our lives that we would like to go back and revisit.

Grandma's Place8x10

Grandma’s Place

Two images blended together. All available light

Background ~ 2.8 aperture ~  1/200 shutter  ~ ISO 400

Girl blended ~ 2.8 aperture ~ 1/1000 shutter ~ ISO 100

Graduation – A day in the journey called “life.”

Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate.  Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can  grasp that, you’ll make a difference.

—Arie Pencovici

I had the opportunity to share the commencement experience with this class of 2012 in the rural community of Revillo, South Dakota. Even more special was the fact that I was their kindergarten teacher.  They may not remember much from kindergarten but I sure remember them. What a gift to be able to see how well they have matured and grown as individuals due to the influence of family and teachers that have helped them explore and develop each of their own gifts in life.

We may hail from a small, little corner of the earth but we make the best of all that life offers. We actually know our neighbors and are involved with our communities whether planning celebrations, supporting school, community or church events or attending life events of family and friends.  These graduates have learned that to be a member of a school and community means you need to be involved and work toward a common goal. These graduates may not realize it yet but it is truly a wonderful place to live.

 Congratulations to the class of 2012 and best wishes as you continue this journey we call “life.”