The art of being a sibling

1. a brother or sister.
2. Anthropology . a co-member of a sib, a unilateral descent group thought to share kinship through a common ancestor.
3. of or pertaining to a brother or sister: sibling rivalry.
before 1000; late Middle English: relative, Old English;
Such an efficient way to learn life lessons such as give and take, tolerance, and benevolence when growing up with siblings.

It’s Photo Friday and I’m STILL obsessed with eyes…

Why do the eyes seem to express so much emotion?  Is it the contrast?  Connection to the viewer?  Combination of other facial features with the eyes?  A social/physical trait to deepen the communication process?  Hmmm…

Canon 5D Mark 2 ~ 70-200 Canon IS L lens ~ 2.8 ~ 1/300 ~ 1000 ISO ~ Photoshop CS5 ~ Kubota Actions