Brookings Children’s Museum

I had the pleasant opportunity to experience the Brookings Children’s Museum as an adult and through the eyes of a child. What an incredible facility with hands on activities for children through all developmental stages of childhood.

First stop, the mechanic’s garage…   Fill ‘er up!



Get that tire fixed.



Next stop, the grocery market…



The garden…



The ice cream shop…



Water play with a physics lesson.




Just for the “divas.”



Time to build a shelter.



I can understand how real piglets can be smothered by the sow.  One false move and it’s curtains.



The fake hen clucks, but she doesn’t peck at the person gathering eggs like in real life.  Real hens seem much more annoyed.



Time to paint and wash windows.

ChMus_Bl-0146 ChMus_Bl-0134


Watercolor pencils, paint water on with a brush, and you have a masterpiece.



Turn the wheel and move the foam cement blocks up the ramp.  Rachel did not have much time for this, but the boys seem intent on their task.



A giant Lite Brite game for all sizes.



This may just be music for a 2 year old, but it’s also a cultural experience for older children.ChMus_Bl-0040


What a unique climbing activity.



O.K., so this dinosaur is a little creepy when it roars and moves his head.  I’m sure the older kids go for this. Not so much for a two-year-old.


I could tell that years of planning, utilizing brain and child development research, were put into effect at the Brookings Children’s Museum.  Kudos to the community and any other organizations that may have been involved to convert this historic building into an experience for generations to come.

Also impressive was the fact that each area had a staff member straightening displays and disinfecting after groups completed an activity.

With an admission fee of only $6 per person, it is a tremendous value for a family as it will provide you with hours of entertainment and memories for a lifetime.

Even the lunchroom staff put extra effort into our meal:


You might say we had a hoot at the Brookings Children’s Museum in Brookings, South Dakota!!