Prairie Wisdom ~ Wind is free and clothespins are cheap

Clotheslines are my obsession.  I hang clothes out on the line whenever the sun shines and inside the house in the winter to add humidity, save energy, as well as wear and tear on the dryer.  I also have a hard time walking past a clothesline without photographing its contents.

A clothesline is like a family portrait since the items hung change along with the family.  Babies in the house? I once had 70 cloth diapers on the line after we brought the youngest home from the hospital and still had his older sister in diapers.  Our school colors were hung with pride as I displayed sweatshirts and t-shirts while the kids were still in school.  The sizes of items on the clothesline would grow with our family and now we are down to just the two of us…

Spain-1050288dmvcrSegovia, Spain

Spain-1040871Segovia, Spain

Spain-1040309dmvSantiago, Spain
Spain-1040043plclNear Lavacolla, Spain

Spain-1030636dmvTrabadelo, Spain

Spain-1030630dmvcrVillafranca del Bierzo, Spain


Spain-1030832Melide, Spain?

winter2012-9615Minnesota, USA