El Acebo is far enough ~ Injury on the trail

Really?  This is STILL day two?

After a long and challenging descent we finally see a town. El Acebo lies ahead and we plan to stop for a short rest and continue on to Molinaseca.
Spain-1030503dmvThe grueling downhill descent has taken its toll on a member of our group as Kathy’s knee has flared up and she is struggling to make it down the hill.  Being a positive thinking problem solver, she gets down a steep hill by crab walking on her backside.  Whatever gets the job done, right Kathy?  This appears to put a wrinkle in her plan of completing the Camino.

Randy and I get to El Acebo and sit in front of a building called La Rosa del Agua to wait for the rest of the group.  A cute young couple run the hostal and she brings us delicious, hot coffee to sip on while we attempt to visit with our limited language skills.  We each have just enough skill to get the information we need.  She is hoping we decide to stay tonight and they are ready to provide lodging. Meanwhile we discover we have another 10 kilometers downhill until Molinaseca, it is after 4:00 p.m. and one swelled knee will go no further today.  La Rosa del Agua will be our new home tonight.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of the front of the hostal so you’ll have to click on the link and it will take you to their website with photos and information.

Spain-1030508 Notice stage 25 on the elevation map to the left.  I told you it was steep!

The menu del dia (menu of the day) tonight included trucha (trout) complete with the eyes.

Spain-1030510Fish is not a favorite of Lori’s but she did pull it together long  enough to pose for a photo.  Good to the last bone!  Or, should I say, good to the last eyeball!

A man that claims to live on the Camino joins us tonight at the restaurant and, after enough wine, is quite politically outspoken. I’m afraid we don’t share the same conviction he has so we excuse ourselves and head back to the hostal to settle in for the night. Little did we know he would also be at our hostal and he is not a quiet sleeper!

Spain-1030513dmvWe shouldn’t misplace this key.

Spain-1030514dmvWe waken to find a delicious breakfast waiting for us in this cute little kitchen. Granola, fruit, muffins, toast, milk, juice and, most important of all, hot coffee.

Spain-1030517dmvOur host mom leaves us a nice little note in English to cheer us on and get our day started on the right foot.

Spain-1030521dmvOn the cover of this book is the stamp they put in our Camino Pilgrim Passports and inside we are to write comments and greetings.  Of course, I write a positive message since I’m “Minnesota Nice.”.

Kathy’s knee is swollen and very sore so our hostal mom helps arrange a taxi service to take her  down the mountain along with my sister, Joan, for moral support.  It rained quite hard during the night, but the sun is now shining brightly with just a few clouds.  Hooray for no rain!!  We are going to attempt to make up time from the short day yesterday and plan to meet up with the two that took the “fast forward” in the main plaza of Ponferrada.  We’ll see how well our two-way radios work today.

La Rosa del Agua gets bonus points for the wonderful heaters with drying racks so our soaking wet boots, socks, clothing, etc. are nice and dry this morning as we begin our walk.  You really learn to appreciate dry feet!

Now to continue the descent… ugh, the legs are a little stiff this morning.