Joyce magically paints a scarf… Really?

The title of the session was Painting Magic Scarves.  I must have missed a step since my finished product did not do any magic tricks.  All in all, I was amazed at the simplicity of this project and it seemed like a good time to get acquainted with the camera features on my new cell phone.

Blank silk scarves were ordered from:

Materials:  Permanent markers, silk scarf, rubbing alcohol, cardboard and tape

scarf2014-985Fold scarf in half and tape to cardboard so it’s taunt to make it easier to draw. The pens will bleed through to form the same design on the other half of the scarf. You can leave spaces white since the inks will bleed.

scarf2014-851Remove tape and spray with alcohol.
scarf2014-524The social aspect of this endeavor added another dimension as we’d o-o-o and ah-h-h over these creations.


I chose to squish the alcohol into my scarf to make it bleed through quite a bit.  The blue color didn’t bleed as much as the orange and light green so I think I would switch my design up if I were to do it again.

scarf2014-142We also colored a scarf with a design built-in.  This scarf took longer to color since we couldn’t fold it in half to color through 2 layers.
scarf2014-533I REALLY soaked this one with alcohol to go for more of a watercolor wash effect.
scarf2014-198After the scarf is dry (A blow dryer helps speed things up) it is ironed to set the colors.

35 people transformed themselves into “scarf artists” this afternoon.  It was so easy that even those who previously shied away from art projects found themselves pleasantly surprised at the beautiful results.  Add in the social bonding effect of a shared adventure and you have the recipe for an enjoyable afternoon of creativity and fun.

Thank you to the MAFMIC  (Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies) Auxiliary for providing this opportunity!