Backpack Training: Plan A / Plan B

Summer hiking season is here and are we ready?  Well… maybe?   Maybe not?

Better late than never, so it’s time to start the training since I don’t want to look like this poor soul:

joan_1dmv1web(Face has been blurred to protect identity… but, you KNOW who you are!!)

I’m pretty confident that my legs will be in shape, but what about the rest of me?

This is my Plan A:   I have started walking with 10 pounds on my back (pack plus contents), which I plan to gradually increase and I did stumble upon the following link with upper body exercises to help balance the body.

Training for hiking with a backpack

One great benefit to these exercises is that  it should take care of the flabby, underarm skin that flaps in time with the prairie winds.  Not a pretty site.

Do I have the discipline to actually DO these workouts before I tackle the next big hill or mountain?  Maybe… maybe not?

Have no fear as I have a Plan B to help my muscles feel better at the end of the day:

wine-9974pophpwebBuen camino!

Liz-Sanity at Grandma’s Marathon!!

Enjoyed the festivities at Grandma’s Marathon this past weekend as our daughter, Elizabeth, ran the 26.2 mile run along the scenic North Shore Drive from Two Harbors, MN to Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.  The Canal Park finish line was right next to the largest body of fresh water in the world, Lake Superior.  The community of Duluth did a wonderful job of welcoming runners and spectators while creating a fun, festive atmosphere for all.

I should have found a banner without traffic signs on it… Oh, well.  It is what it is.  Just make sure you DON’T park here from 3 – 6 a.m. and put money in the meter when you do park!

Waves of runners as viewed through the window of the skywalk.

I would enjoy participating in a community band.  Anyone need a rusty trombone player?!

We almost missed seeing her go past us.  A computer chip was put in her shoe so we were following her progress online. She had picked up speed when she got into town due to the crowds of spectators cheering runners on (She always did enjoy performance arts – bring it on…) so she got to our spot sooner than anticipated. Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity, I ran out onto the street to “catch the moment.”  Security did not tackle me since I had a baby carrier on my back!

Liz can now check “running a full marathon” off of her list of life accomplishments. Way to go!!  What’s next?

As for me, running is on my “use to could” list since I ran Grandma’s in the 1980’s but now I think my body isn’t probably as resilient as my younger self.  However, I was inspired by the number of people in my age group and older that were still running marathons. A guy in our hotel has run 33 marathons in 18 states and I think he was around my age if not older (unless marathon running really ages a person and he was 35!)  That is quite an accomplishment so I’ll allow him bragging rights.  The man who can top all for bragging rights is the 86 year old man that finished it in 6 hours something.  Now that is an accomplishment.  No, he wasn’t in a wheelchair.

Well, I’d better go… I think I’ll do a quick run to the end of the driveway.  (Hey, I have to start somewhere!!)