Friends of San Lucas… Guatemala Dreaming

Poleaewski-1471chaistThe Friends of San Lucas was created to carry on the legacy of Fr. Greg Schaffer, by listening, responding to and walking in solidarity with the people of San Lucas Tolimán in an effort to alleviate the suffering and dependency created by the ‘process of poverty’.  ~Friends of San Lucas website

A Catholic youth mission trip to Guatemala has had such positive impact on this young person’s life.  I am truly inspired and in awe of the passion she shows for mission work  as she speaks of her experiences.  Her eyes light up the room as she describes the details of her work last summer bringing school supplies to needy areas and helping with various building projects. It is one thing to acknowledge our own blessings, but it projects to a whole other level when steps are taken to look outside our small part of the world and become a blessing to others.

For more information on the San Lucas Mission in Guatemala you can click on the Friends of San Lucas Church above and on  San Lucas Mission  for the history, mission statement and program information.

Another positive example of our rural, southwest Minnesota youth in action.