One year anniversary… Camino de Santiago

O-o-o-oh, I believe there are angels among us… ~ Alabama

It’s been one year since we embarked on a pilgrimage across northern Spain ~ Camino de Santiago. While I’m the first to admit to not being a true pilgrim, being neither Catholic or even attempting to go without all amenities, (wine, bed, food…) I do feel that a deeper layer of my inner soul has been tapped.

The experience reaffirmed my faith in mankind and that God is looking out for us. I did believe in the existence of angels before and I’m even more convinced now.  If not angels, God certainly knows who to put where at just the right time.

Spain-1030684Swollen creek?  No problem. God has it covered and the singing Spanish Angels magically appeared to help us across.

Spain-1030598dmvLost your group and still can’t find them after searching every downtown bar and albergue?  No problem. God came through with this one, too. Thank you, observant hiker from San Diego.

Spain-1030382dmvNo place to stay?  Carmen, Isabella and others welcomed us in.

Spain-1030376dmvNeed a good “muscle relaxant” to ease the aches and pains after a miserable, rain soaked day topped off with jet lag?  Damian to the rescue.  I can still hear our laughter bouncing off the small bar walls.

So, even though the Compostela de Santiago was the ultimate goal, the journey itself was the real experience.

God came through to help us on several occasions, but a snowstorm meant that hiking the mountain, O’Cebreiro, was not in the cards for our group of pilgrims.

Spain-1030752crdmvUnfinished business?  Hmmm…?  Maybe not during a season that involves rain or snow.