Meet Margaret and Vera… librarians across the globe.

Cullen-1100775rA community library serves as a resource for people of all ages and interests. Meet Margaret, the friendly and helpful librarian in Cullen, Scotland. If traveling in a region, the librarian can provide a wealth of local information for its residents and visitors.

Cullen-1100776rMargaret is a caring, conscientious person having a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and we notice a good mix of personalities and ages utilizing the facilities.

Cullen-1100777crSince Cullen, Scotland is located right on the coast of the North Sea along the Firth of Moray, it is appropriate to have a historical display of fishing equipment and coordinating books.

Cullen-1100778Visiting a community library provides a fantastic opportunity to explore things to see and do in the area, current local affairs/concerns with a local historical perspective.  Thank you, Librarian Margaret of Cullen, Scotland, for your helpfulness and we appreciated your helpful advice and services.

{CF645042-DE84-457D-8EE8-34FFEF2C11ED}We’d like to extend an invitation to check out the following link and visit the Gary, South Dakota City Library. Interested in area history? Genealogy research? Want to curl up by the fire with a good book? Librarian, Vera Meyer, will go out of her way to help you feel welcome, answer any questions you may have with a variety of resources at her fingertips.  While you are at it, you may as well get to know some members of the community by working on a puzzle or play a round or two of Marbles (a popular card game)!

Brookings Children’s Museum

I had the pleasant opportunity to experience the Brookings Children’s Museum as an adult and through the eyes of a child. What an incredible facility with hands on activities for children through all developmental stages of childhood.

First stop, the mechanic’s garage…   Fill ‘er up!



Get that tire fixed.



Next stop, the grocery market…



The garden…



The ice cream shop…



Water play with a physics lesson.




Just for the “divas.”



Time to build a shelter.



I can understand how real piglets can be smothered by the sow.  One false move and it’s curtains.



The fake hen clucks, but she doesn’t peck at the person gathering eggs like in real life.  Real hens seem much more annoyed.



Time to paint and wash windows.

ChMus_Bl-0146 ChMus_Bl-0134


Watercolor pencils, paint water on with a brush, and you have a masterpiece.



Turn the wheel and move the foam cement blocks up the ramp.  Rachel did not have much time for this, but the boys seem intent on their task.



A giant Lite Brite game for all sizes.



This may just be music for a 2 year old, but it’s also a cultural experience for older children.ChMus_Bl-0040


What a unique climbing activity.



O.K., so this dinosaur is a little creepy when it roars and moves his head.  I’m sure the older kids go for this. Not so much for a two-year-old.


I could tell that years of planning, utilizing brain and child development research, were put into effect at the Brookings Children’s Museum.  Kudos to the community and any other organizations that may have been involved to convert this historic building into an experience for generations to come.

Also impressive was the fact that each area had a staff member straightening displays and disinfecting after groups completed an activity.

With an admission fee of only $6 per person, it is a tremendous value for a family as it will provide you with hours of entertainment and memories for a lifetime.

Even the lunchroom staff put extra effort into our meal:


You might say we had a hoot at the Brookings Children’s Museum in Brookings, South Dakota!!

Dance on the prairie…sing to the skies.

Winter has finally succumbed to the ever persistent nudges of spring.  Dance on the prairie… sing to the skies.


Prairie Dancer (Gary, SD Cemetary View)

Prairie Dancer (Gary, SD Cemetery View)

Canon 5D Mark 2 ~ ISO 200 ~ F 8.0 ~ 1/200 ~ 70-200 IS Canon L lens zoomed to 200

I’ve Got the Music in Me…

Looking back…
970154_10151562598468441_294819685_nIt’s funny how popular lyrics from our youth can stick with us throughout the long and winding road.  On a summer breeze, you can imagine being a free bird singing  joy to the world while  discovering it’s a wonderful world during the best days of your life.  I can see clearly now as you close your eyes, sing along and are transported to a magical mystery tour. In reality, all we are doing is stayin’ alive until we reach that stairway to heaven and fly like an eagle. 

buffalo rose reunion 1Mark your calendars:

Charlie Roth & Buffalo Rose Reunion ~ Gary American Legion ~ Saturday, July 19, 2014 ~ Gary, South Dakota ~ Canby, MN Theater Benefit Dance

It’s sundown so bye, bye, Miss American pie…

The Chicken House

Blind School Chicken House

Bronika ETRSi Medium Format Film
Double Exposure
Photographed to create digital file, dirt layer added for texture, bronze god Kubota action.

Former South Dakota School for the Blind:  The Chicken House

The South Dakota School for the Blind was officially opened in Gary, South Dakota on March 1, 1900, under the Board of Charities and Corrections. The citizens of Gary were instrumental in pursuing the location of a state “Blind Asylum” in their community and offered the former Court House as a facility.

The Deuel County Court House building was torn down and this chicken house was made from the wood, thus, putting into practice the old saying, “Waste not, want not.”   I’m guessing it would have been built sometime in the 1920’s since they moved the Court House building to just east of the administration building in 1903 and a photo taken in 1930 appears to have the chicken house in the background.  The history hounds in Gary, SD may have a more accurate date.

~ Gary, South Dakota History Book  1872-1997

~ History of SD School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

When past and present collide…


The above image is a blend of images taken before renovation of the former South Dakota School for the Blind located in Gary, South Dakota and a wedding dance scene in the same room upon completion. Buffalo Ridge Resort has done an amazing job restoring the facility for modern purposes while maintaining the historic architecture and  feel of the former campus.  It is now used for wedding receptions/dances, conferences, family reunions, retreats, etc. and has lodging on site in the form of hotel rooms and camping.  The Rock Room Bar & Grill, located on site, is a unique dining experience with occasional local entertainment. In the summer the entertainment moves outside to the patio for a low-key, summer fun experience.  For more information about Buffalo Ridge Resort you can check out their website:

Affairs of the heart…

The ability to tolerate pain may be considered an attribute but my husband, Randy, may have carried this a bit too far.  We associate pain down the left arm and tightness in the chest with a heart attack but pain located in the neck and shoulders we tend to blame on strained muscles from something we did. Never did we dream that strong, fit, healthy eating Randy who regularly has complete physical check-ups could be having a heart attack. Fortunately, he had been taking multiple aspirin tablets for pain so his blood was thinned down during the 1 1/2 hour drive to Sioux Falls, SD. (Thank you, Bryon, for being a good and speedy driver. Now you can put ambulance driving on your list of accomplishments.)

A primary artery was blocked 99% and was the culprit causing the heart attack. A stent was put in to fix the artery causing the attack but the angiogram showed another primary was 90% blocked and two secondary were 80% blocked. Who’d have thunk it, huh!   Two more stents were put in to form a “Y” 3 days later to fix a main and secondary at one time. The remaining secondary one will be controlled with medicine.

We have been educated on affairs of the heart this week and I’ll always be amazed by the advancements in the field of medicine. The Sanford Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD is an amazing facility with  top notch staff.  Thank you for the exciting vacation – we were just discussing last week that it would be nice to get away for a few days and you were here to provide.

I try not to dwell on the “would have/could have/should have” so let’s just say that God was looking out for Randy in spite of everything we did or didn’t do out of either denial or ignorance. Randy commented that he was glad Pastor Mueller came to the hospital with a comforting message and Holy Communion. We are so blessed that we have Jesus and the promise of heaven. Sounds like a “win/win” scenario but I’m extremely thankful that Randy is all fixed up and after cardiac rehab will be good to go.

In time of trouble…He shall set me upon a rock. Psalms 27:5