It’s Photo Friday!! Photo Etiquette 101

Looking for tips to stay within photography etiquette guidelines when traveling.  I love exploring cultures with my camera, including my own rural environment, but don’t want to be offensive at the same time.  Often times I find that we are “same but different” in many aspects and appreciate the uniqueness of experiences.  I have found that purchasing or tipping generously will often provide plenty of photo opportunities, but my experience with a variety of cultures is limited.

I’m reaching out to others in the world that have travel photography experience to offer suggestions to best document the experiences but be within the realm of common courtesy.  Which cultures are particularly difficult or easygoing to document?

Cleanup Duty – A Day in the Life of a Vulture

It all started with a dead raccoon in the middle of the road.  My farmer husband took a shovel and threw it into the ditch so that it wasn’t a road hazard.  Vultures are now guarding their meal and don’t seem to mind me stalking them paparazzi style so I was able to get within about 25 feet.

 Photo info:  ISO 400 / 1/1000 shutter at 2.8 aperture

My gear:  Canon 5D Mark 2 / 70-200 IS Canon lens

Editing:  Lightroom 2.0 / Photoshop Kubota actions – Daily Multiple Vitamin, Smart sharp